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How To Overcome Monitoring Spirit

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How To Overcome Monitoring Spirit

Monitoring spirit are the spirit that follows you, they are invisible, they make life miserable, monitor you, they make sure that every step of your life you don’t have breakthrough

they can arrange husband or wife for you, can strike a business with you, it hinders you from getting breakthrough, they don’t need to follow you, you want to run to canada, run to London or anywhere, you can’t run for monitoring spirit.

Monitoring Spirit is a weapon of witchcraft attack that manipulates its victim. Problems started when a person or a certain forces of darkness is monitoring you. Anytime a person makes a move not a wide move, there will be great hinderance. That’s why we have many great destinies crawling when they should be making good advancement and wonderful prosperity.


There are many instances of people or animals the devil can use to monitor you. These includes: Human beings: Your parents, your friends, your relatives, your co-workers, your landlord, your cousins, your wife, your husband etc.

Animal such as: Birds, lizards, wall gaekko, rat, vulture, flies, snakes, cockroach, etc Dream such as: Sexual dream, eating in the dream, being pursued in the dream, talking to a dead person, climbing a mountain without getting there, dogs attack, snake dream, seeing yourself in your formal house and school, Being in a wedding without the bride, counting dirty money in the dream, dream of cobweb, seeing nakedness .

No where some people go, they would surely be hated and have the feeling of being observed, watched or monitored somewhere by the wicked personality. It is either they develop goose pimples on their body as parts of the signs and while others may not. When you don’t have a glorious destiny, the enemy would not waste his precious time monitoring you. Did King Herod not monitor Jesus? Monitoring spirit can sparked out of jealousy, envy and hatred for a person. It can generate from your local environment and in the place of your career. One can also be monitored from the evil mirror, evil pot, waters, footprint, and from the waters.

These are people that can no longer fulfill their real purpose on earth again. They often experience failure, stagnation, hatred, promise and fail, ill-luck, spirit of dishonour and frustration, debt, sickness etc. The evil spirit can be used as a weapon of delay for marriages, child bearing, promotion at work and so on.

Evil monitoring is everywhere, Evil spirit is like a blood that can follow a person even to different countries. Even though if you travel to the UNITED STATES from Africa, it is possible that the evil spirit you contacted in your local country can follow you


* When you are having a feeling of a stranger in your house.
* When something often falls down from your hands carelessly.
* When you see things changing it’s position in your house even when no one is living with you.
* When your neighbour is listening to your phoney conversation.
* When your neighbours can conveniently tell your friends the types of clothes you normally wear every week. And they will guess right.
* When people hate you in the family.
* When your mother is calling you a witch.
* When your mother regret ever given birth to you.
* When there is an unexpected holes in your shoes.
* When a person does not know how he spend his money.
* When a person often see strange spirit sucking her breast.
* When a person gets to an ATM machine on Friday, and planning to withdraw some certain amount of money to pay up his debt, only to discover that the machine swallowed his card
* When a person always see a particular bird or creature following him. When a person goes out by mistake with a different shoes on his legs. When you are older than your age.
* When an animal mistakenly enter your room and steal something.
* When you are sweating profusely during job interview.
* When your woman loves you because of money.
* When you discover that you cannot even answer a simple question from the interviewer.
* When you are in one spot for many years despite your exposure and connection
* When you are always spending your money on sickness.
* When your drugs can no longer cure your sickness.
* When you did not have plans in life.
* When you are having a feeling that there is an invisible and unclean power inside you.
* When your condition does not ven show like a person who is looking for a job.
* When your body is too heavy. That’s evil load.
* When people do not appreciate or accept your own opinion. That’s very bad. You know..! When all your siblings are married, successful, but only you is left behind.
* When you are wandering around moving from street to street, road to roads, community to community. That is, walking aimlessly.
* When you are going to a particular place but your friends diverted or discouraged you.
* When you go to the university, only to come back and be working as a slave.
* When God asked you to do something but you say No it is the devil’s voice.
* When you cannot even explain what’s wrong with your life.
* When you fall from grace to grass (a high degree of poverty/begging) When they promise to help you, but on that very day, they failed. (It’s not their fault but yours)
* When you marry the wrong man or woman
* When you park in to a new house only to discover that landlord is living there. (That’s the work of a wicked caretaker or agent lying that landlord is not living there)
* When eople celebrate your weaknesses, ignorance and accept your foolishness.
* When your husband or in-laws are against you and marriage.
* When you are begging for survival as a firstborn.
* When you are the only successful and prosperous person in your family history or lineage. When you see blood on the surface of your wall. When you feel like jumping into the river, lagoon. (This normally happened in Lagos, Nigeria, * where you hear stories of people jumping into the sea)
* When you are harbouring suicidal thoughts.
* When rat jumped into your bed.
When you see cockroach, ants moving around your body persistently.
* When you feel like moving, but you sit down comfortably.
* When people can easily predict your next statement or your future.
* When you notice a disturbing marks on your body.

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