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Satellite Direct TV Reviews

Satellite Direct TV Reviews

Are you interested in Satellite Direct Advanced Version Review by real user you need to read this article.

This Satellite TV software is now available to consumers worldwide. After being taken off the market by the developer (ETV Corp) for some time in which the developer had gone through the flaws in it due to the consumers request and amended the designing work which now makes it more outstanding because it has been revamped from the start up and new features and functions added for advanced improvement. They have added all the bells and whistles, It delivers quality HD 3,500 + global TV channels and radio stations with more premium channels.

To be frank, there are some other TV channels online that all they do is to live you to yourself to start finding out how things work yourself. One of the problems with newbies and experience web television viewers never enjoy the best of the web entertainment when having direct access to only a limited amount of free content.

The other issue is bouncing from one website to another to view web media content. Viewers must go directly to one site to watch sports, another to watch movies, another to watch news, etc. The funny part of it is that you users have to bookmark/save links to website by creating folder on their computer in other to find them later to watch.

This includes a lot of time and doing this manually discourages so many people.

This is why we want to honestly review the Satellite Direct Advanced Version that allows user to stay in one place to watch everything and at the same time get direct access to tons of free media.

The software is actually a hi-tech, pay to download TV player that can be installed directly on any desktop or laptop Windows PC or Mac OS X computer or mobile device. It offers the best of three worlds that allows users to watch what they want, when and where they want, at all times.

The ETV Corp service uses technology to scrape chennel/video feeds from the web and stored them in database. The service then uses the database to automatically update the user’s TV player periodicaly which comes pre-loaded with thousands of live and on-demand media from around the world.

To make this easier to understand, the software streamlines and organizes the delivery of tons of channel so that you, the vierwer, can watch everything from one location and save time. This means no surfing the web for free media or visiting many different sites to watch sports, TV shows, sitconms, movies, news, etc

Moreso, there is no hardware to install or wires to connect, just a mobile device with internet connectivity or computer with an internet connection is needed, preferably broadband (DSL or Cable) to ensure that all the media content work/play. A wireless (wifi) connection can work but not so good as broadband.

When opening the TV player everything is well laid out and easy on the eyes starting with the panel on the left side where all channel links are displayed. Inside the viewing area (black area) the viewer can watch a particular program once it has been selected.

There is nothing too fancy or difficult to use when maneuvering around the console, so you don’t need to be experienced with this at all. It’s perfect for anyone new to this technology.

Interface & Performance

The Advanced player has a fast, smooth interface that’s very user-friendly that gives this revamped version a thumbs up. I was very pleased with the new and improved Advanced technology having purchased the old version sometimes ago and canceled my subscription. The truth is that, I have to say the interface and performance now is a lot better than any regular version of Satellite Direct.

Picture and Quality

The ETV Corp service no longer advertises HD quality media which caused a lot of controversy in the past. You get good to best picture quality depending on where the streaming content comes from. Well, one of the downsides to watching streamed media online is having to put up with a blurry picture that exist with some of the content, especially those that come from some foreign countries sometime- due to sub par technology.


Product Image

If you use a broadband (DSL or Cable) connection, you they come out better than using a 56K modem or dial-up. Just keep in mind that the higher the connection speed the better quality and overall performance in most cases. For the most part, I was satisfied with the picture although a channel/video can have a slightly higher or lower quality than others.

Some of the media can play what’s called a 4:3 resolution. What this means is the Satellite Direct Advance resolution can be adjusted using any one of the four types of stretching technology as follows: 1. Uniform (2) Fill (3) Exact-fit (4) None

You can play around with this feature when you Right Click directly on the recorded media while it’s playing and click the ‘Stretching is uniform..’link. Keep clicking until you reach the desired resolution. This is an added feauture that is not part of the former features and there are some other features you can find in it. Another solution to video sluttering is included if it occurs.

Channel / Video Selection and Delivery

The service offers a revolutionary TV place – Shifting player tool that allows the user to watch and control streaming live and on-demand web content. This takes place when using broadbank internet to connect to a PC, Mac OS X or mobile device to streaming media over the web.

Once Inside the TV player the organization and streaming takes precedence where you are not required to do any of the grunt work. All the work is done for you which allows you to watch more and surf less.

You can watch worldwide sports, movies, live/on-demand TV shows, adult TV channels, cartoons, news and sitcoms, including other types of entertainment when using the point and click method. The media content displayed in a very organized way and only takes a few seconds for a channel to play when clicking the link. There are many countries with English and non-English content, so it’s fair to say the software is universal and can suit all people from different countries.

At times you may run across a recorded show that stutters and need to follow instructions in help area. If there is no improvement, contact the service. Though keep in mind, that the issue could be related to your broadband connectoin being a little slower during a certain time. The video itself could be bad so considering where the recorded content is coming from that may be the real issue. At that moment, there is nothing you can do than to watch another video.

If a channel or recorded program doesn’t play or you can only hear the sound with no picture, contact the service and let them know about the issue. But remember that some of the free content comes and goes due to broken links at times. You might think a channel is broken and that may be this case. keep in mind, however, that providers may stop streaming content or the content is coming from a different timezone from your own. You can try to play the channel at a later time. It might just work.

Adult Internet TV


Product Image

While the service offers all kinds of live/on-demand media content including radio from all corners of the world, some adult TV shows are included as well. So I would not recommend using this software application for under aged kids, unless, you are going to monitor what your children is watching online. There is no password or child protection feature which would have been nice service if incorporated in this player.


One of the pluses in the Advance version is the ‘Premium TV Channels’ feature. There is no advertisements according to the service- so far I haven’t seen any. However the same can’t be said when viewing other types of content. All times advertisements will appear and when this happens you can click ‘X’ on the ad to close it while show is playing and the ad automatically turns off.

Be aware.. from time to time, there will be pop-up windows appearing requesting you to download some other TV player or software of some kind. Do not download anything. The only downloads needed are the plugins the service says you must have, and they do provide the links to download those plugins.

Is Satellite Direct Advance Safe, Legal, Legit or Scam


Product Image

You don’t need to be concern with all the above. There are many questions out there about these Satellite TV software and services. One of the things you can feel as ease about is ETV Corp have been around for years and still the #1 most sought for product today. I’ve been with them for years and have seen the good, bad and many upgrade improvement over the years. I can tell you that this is not the same software and service years ago. So many features added, so many enhancement has taken place. I had never witness them receiving a DMCA shut down notice by some authority for copyright infringement or something else illegal.

Is Satellite Direct a Scam? The answer is a CAPITAL NO!… They deliver pretty much everything as promised.

The service doesn’t decode or descramble any paid TV signals or include any P2P (Peer-to-Peer) file sharing networks in their package. Members of P2P networks have been known to upload/download videos, movies and music with copyrights. ETV Corp search for free content through open gateways over the web. Consider this a government loophole and until the law changes, it’s business as usual.

The best way to understand what ETV Corp offers in terms of providing access to free content online and what they don’t offer, among other thing, is to read their ‘Terms of Service’.

Despite negative reports floating around online concerning this service and series of software products they offer, there appears to be more satisfied users in which I happen to be one of them because I have been with them for long and I can practically review their service any day. The Satelleite Direct Advance works, and works rather well. The service is legit and legal to use.

If you don’t have an anti-virus software installed get a very good one on your system. I highly recommend this. The Satellite Direct is safe, it’s just the other stuff online that can be unsafe. This is just to keep your computer safe from any interference.

Click below to get one

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